5 Nuggets of Advice For Guilt Free, Low-Cal 4th of July FUN

biggerThere’s really no way to avoid the caloric dangers that will lurking on the picnic table this Saturday afternoon. It’s pointless to warn you of the hidden sodium, fat and sugar in your favorite holiday snacks and beverages. The burgers will be greasy, the hot dogs will be over processed, and the potato salad will be mayo laced carbs. But all are must-haves for the 4th. So instead of setting yourself up for disappointment by planning to abstain from these fatty fatty treats, just accept that you’re probably going to dabble, and take a different approach: Moderation.

Here are five nuggets of advice to help you moderate your way out of a calorie ridden situation:

1. Nibble on the veggie plate first. It’ll fill you up and [just maybe] you’ll eat less potato salad than you would other wise.

2. Grab the ‘light’ beer option, especially if you’re going to have a few.

3. When you grab the cheeseburger, load it up with some veggies like extra lettuce and tomato. It’ll fill you up more and add some nutrient goodness.

4. WARNING: You’re going to see a super yummy desert at the end of the table. It’ll probably be a cake with white icing and strawberries for stripes and blueberries for stars. Its the Fourth- have a slice…. A SLICE… ONE.

5. If you know you’re the kind of person to go up for seconds, wait 15 minutes. Remember, the hormones in your stomach that signal ‘I’m full!” to your brain are slow pokes! So give them time to get up there before you grab a another plate.

As for tomorrow:

In the world of weight loss studies there’s something called the ‘weekend effect.’ While following the trends of caloric intake, researchers found that intakes typically spike for Saturday and Sunday. So it might be wise to have a little fun and let yourself goon a holiday, as long as you make up for it over the next couple of days. There are two ways to do this:

  • If you take in roughly 500 calories more on the holiday than usual, try to cut 250 calories from Sunday and Monday. Which is really just a slightly smaller lunch and dinner….Not too bad, right?
  • Aim to burn the calories the next day by going for a slightly longer jog (or your choice of cardio activity). Quick calculation: If you jog 11-12 min. miles for an hour, you’ll burn around 530 calories. Break that up over two 3o minute jogs (Sunday and Monday) and you’re golden!

Go enjoy some potato salad!


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