Mojito Maddnes doesn’t have to be a Calorie Killer

mojito-main_FullSure you might be that annoying girl in the bar, but you’ll be the only one who can fit into her skinny jeans. When you order a mojito, the summer’s hottest cool and refreshing patio beverage, ask that it be a skinny version. If your bartender doesnt know what that is, give him or her the breakdown.

  • Cut the Sugar: Ask your bartender to skip the simple syrup. This mixture of just sugar and water will not only spike your blood sugar (leading you to crave fatty fat foods), it’ll tac on many unnecessary calories. Instead, request that your drink be made with one pack of splenda and a dash of warm water.
  • Replace the Flavor, Not the Calories: Worried that the lack of simple syrup will destroy the yummy flavor you’ve been looking forward to all day? Worry no more!  Ask your bartender to use Bacardi Limon. It has the same number of calories as Bacardi Light and Bacardi Sliver yet twice the flavor. This is, of course, optional. For those that don’t have a sweet tooth, the Bacardi Light is delicious.
  • Ask for Extras on the Side: Ask for an extra splenda and a few limes on the side so that you can spruce up your drink a little if need be. Getting these up front will be better in the end by sparring your bartender the frustration and pressure of needing to cater to your oddities (anymore than he or she will already be doing). Plus, a few more limes puts this fabulous summer favorite into a whole new field of yummy.

These little tricks can save you up to 140 calories per drink! So don’t worry about asking for a drink that needs a little extra love. After all, it’s YOUR waistline at stake here.