The Low Cal Tricks You Need For Happy Hour

Many health officials will advise skipping happy hour all together, but Im more realistic. There are many ways to let loose with out waking up tomorrow in a pit of self loathing because you had 5 margaritas, a plate of nachos, and then ordered Pappa Johns when you got home. If you’re going out for Happy Hour tonight, stick to some low-cal rules:

  • Order an unflavored, clear liquor (like vodka or light bacardi) with soda water. Flavor it with your favorite cirtus fruit like lemon, lime or orange. It’ll cut back on the calories and sugar significantly.
  • While everybody else is eating nachos and french fries, order a salad with chicken and maybe a couple slices of bread. You’ll feel less weighed down throughout the night and you’ll wake up ready to have a fun and productive weekend.
  • Order a water everytime you see your server. It’ll ensure that you’re hydrating enough and cut back on the alcoholic beverages.
  • Walk to your car tomorrow morning to burn a few extra calories. If you cab it- have the driver drop you off a few blocks away.
Have a good weekend!

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