5 Ways to Beat the Lazies

There is an old Italian saying which says “the appetite comes while eating.”
This simplistically wise old saying could really be applied to so many aspects of life. Around this time of year is when people start to get the ‘lazies.’ Often times it is frowned upon to ‘go through the motions,’ but how bad could it be if in the end you find exactly what you need? It’s like sex, you may not be in the mood, but if you go through the motions, you get in the mood- quickly- then it’s all you can think about wanting. So when the ‘lazies’ strike, it is best to push right through and stop them before it becomes your way of the winter. The truth is this: energy yields more energy. Pushing yourself to do something you don’t want to do will make it easier and easier each time you do it; eventually you’ll just WANT to be active. Forcing yourself to go for a long walk or a run will eventually make you want to do it over and over again. Next thing you know- you have more energy, you sleep better through the night, and the force can be removed; the deign will be replaced with desire. This goes for eating habits as well. Once you go through the motions of eating a healthy diet, it will become routine. You’ll soon look at all the sat fats and sweets and think “ew gross” or “ruin the work out I just forced myself to do?- never!” Before you know it you’ll crave things like veggies and lighter meals. The hardest thing is getting over the hump and forcing yourself to do what you don’t really feel like doing. But you have to trust that, just as the appetite will come while eating, your desire for health will come once you start to try. Here are 5 ways to trick yourself into kicking the ‘lazies’

  • Set yourself up for success: Surround yourself with things that’ll get you in the mood. Fitness magazines are a great way to get motivated. Or try putting your running shoes or yoga mat by the door so that every time you leave the house you’re reminded of the work out that ought to be done once you return.
  • Bag it up!: Hit the produce section when you go to the grocery store. It’s not only less expensive than a lean cuisine, but it’s fresher and healthier. Purchasing the ingredients for fun veggie snack or salad will motivate you to skip the ‘other’ finger foods available at lunch time.
  • If your work-out isn’t quite doing it for you, switch it up a bit. Most people lose interest in their work-out but that doesn’t mean they should just quit it on it. Maybe a yoga class can replace your spinning class. Maybe the stair stepper or a run outside can replace the treadmill. How ever you opt to switch it up and keep things interesting is on you- but the work-out should not be forgone.
  • Move: When all you want to do is lay on the couch and do nothing, DO SOMETHING! Throw on the ipod and slip into your running shoes. Set out to go on a 20-30 walk and take in the crisp fall air. Maybe all you end up doing is walking around the town, but maybe you get a burst of energy and run a few miles. Either one is better than doing nothing.
  • The buddy system! It made sure you didn’t get lost on field trips in 3rd grade and it can make sure you don’t get lost now. If you have a friend that you’re meeting for a run, walk, or gym class, you wont bail on it. Sometimes it’s just not enough to be dedicated to yourself. Having somebody else in the wing who is depending on you will ensure you don’t skip out.

So, though it’s oh so hard to force yourself to do things that you don’t really want to do, once you start things up, they’ll all fall into place and the motivation will surface. The important thing to do is to go through the motions. Afterall , the more health you go for, the more health you’ll desire.