The Mag Dash

The question: Could you please address magnesuim? I had run out and could really tell a difference in my muscle or some maybe bone reflexes. Is this my imagination? I was coughing more and I felt like my headaches that start in my neck/upperback were coming back. How does mag. work?

In addition to supporting a healthy immune system, steadying your heart’s rhythm, and assisting in the regulation of blood sugar levels, magnesium (Mg or Mag) plays an important role in muscle function. So no, that’s not in your head. It also helps maintain nerve function, relax muscles, synthesize protein, and helps to keep your bones strong (50% of your body’s Mg is found in your bones). It has been suggested that bone density may be improved by magnesium supplementation, especially in postmenopausal women, as it works to aid in efficient calcium matabolism. It is also believed that low levels of Mg may contribute to insulin resistance due to its role in carbohydrate metabolism, which could lead to type 2 diabetes.

Additionally, over 300 enzymes, especially those which use ATP (a super important nucleotide which is the basis for all of your energy) need the Mag to do their job and boost a chemical reaction in the body such as DNA synthesis, or energy metabolism. Given its key role in the activation of ATP, it could even be said that without Mg, you would have no energy to live at all. Pretty serious business right?
Mg also contributes to energy metabolism so it may even be best taken with B-vitamin rich foods (or a B-vitamin complex) to ensure the best digestion and absorption of your macro-nutrients (the proteins, carbs, and fats-good fats I hope).
So where can you get all of the fab mag you need?

  • Greens, especially dark leafy ones. Greens are the no fail ‘GO TO’ for magnesium. All five of the different chlorophyll molecules (the molecule responsible for the green color of many veggies) cage magnesium in the center which makes it super easy to obtain.
  • Halibut: This white fish can provide up to 180mg per 6 oz fillet
  • Cashews: My favorite snack nut provides 75mg per ounce
  • Tap water: The amount will vary depending on your water supply but water referred to as ‘hard’ water simply contains more minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Soft water is treated to only contain sodium.
  • Baked potatoes: my favorite complex carb contains roughly 50 mg of the good stuff.

Shoot to meet 100% of your daily magnesium, which could be obtained by including:
One cup of oatmeal for breakfast with a banana
An ounce of cashews at some point in the day
A 6 oz fillet of halibut for dinner with 1/2 a cup of cooked spinach on the side.

Easy right?


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