E= Toco squared

While studying up on some vitamin E business, I came across some things that might interest you. This fat soluble vitamin is actually a group of 8 different compounds, each with similar structures and anti-oxidant properties. While many specialists continue to give fancy names to antioxidants such as the ‘universal antioxidant,’ Alpha Lipoic Acid, many feel that vitamin E is the ‘master antioxidant’; quite a bit a pressure for a vitamin with so many responsibilities. Together they act as a team and make up the wonder that is vitamin E to promote various health factors such as breast and prostate health (respectively), liver and kidney function, as well as the prevention of cardiovascular disease (CVD). Vitamin E protects cells and neurons from damage, aids in optimal circulation, and gives your cardiovascular system a boost. Other studies suggest it could even help lower total cholesterol, act as an anti inflammatory agent, increase male fertility, slow progression of Alzheimer’s, decrease cancer risks, and reduce the risk of gum disease. Clearly this little guy has a lot to do. So how does it get it all done? Since vitamin E is a collection of 4 different tocopherols and 4 different tocotrienols, it has a lot of support. Alph-tocopherol is among the most studied of the vitamin E components because it plays such a role of bio-availability (meaning easily and quickly absorbed in great quantity) in the body. But on the up and up are studies which have discovered the phenomenal roles of all sorts of goodness from the other 7 hard workers such as gamma-tocopherol and the tocotrienols. So by now you must be eager to know how you can get all of the ‘toco-goodness’ (my new name for the E components as I no longer wish to type those exhausting words).
Toco-goodness can be found in summer favorites such as:

  • Olive oil: Use it for cooking when you can and it’s super yummy on salads. Cut your favorite dressing with it to reduce calories from cream or mayo and increase you E.
  • Almonds: Great snack to keep around. You can even buy them now in yummy flavors, just watch the sodium.
  • Sunflower seeds and peanuts: It’s baseball season! This one should be easy.
  • Mango: A fabulous and refreshing fruit.
    Avocado: Throw it on the salad you just made with some olive oil. As a matter of fact, add some mango too! Yummmmm…

What is also super fun about vitamin E is its topical properties. Even when applied to the skin, your body’s largest organ uses it to repair UV damage and just round out smooth delicious skin tone. My new obsession is this Yasso vitamin E cream.


Check it out- it’s fantastic and so good for you!
Have a good weekend!



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