Topping the Perfect Bread Time Snack

Question: Is putting butter on bread really that bad? Please say no- I love it.

Ha ha! Well lucky you- No, its not THAT bad. But it’s not that good either. Often times when choosing foods (or toppings, which is always my weakness too), its simply a matter of ‘pick your poison.’ While often times eating a certain food item isn’t THAT bad, you can typically find an equivalent that is just more nutrient dense. If calories were money, wouldn’t you rather get more for your money?? That being said, lets compare some stuff!

Butter is actually full of some nutrients that you want and need. Its high in vitamin A, and has a touch of vitamins E and K. It also has some stronium, which works with calcium and magnesium to promote bone health, and some chromium which helps your body maintain normal blood sugar levels. The bad, however, is that butter has 11 grams of fat per tbsp, and 63% of that is saturated fat which is no good.

Olive oil on the other hand is a whole other ball game. It has 14 grams of fat per tbsp, however, its a monounsaturated fat that is high in omega-3 and it is only 14% saturated fat. It too has high levels of stronium as well as lots of vitamin E and K. You can even amp this up to add even more flavor and nutrients by sprinkling in a tbsp of parmesan cheese (or another hard/grated cheese) which boosts the nutrient value of this bread business ten fold. Then you receive stronium, chromium, calcium, zinc, selenium, phosphorus, B12 and riboflavin, as well as a complete protein. Additionally, you’re likely to use less olive oil than butter because it spreads more easily.

So pick your poison, but it looks to me like you get a lot more for your money (akhem…calories) with some olive oil and cheese sprinkle, which I personally think tastes more flavorful too.


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  1. Case I think it would be very interesting and educating to find out why I need all these vitamins and minerals. What are they doing in there?

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