Regulating the Rumbles

The question: I have been …lets say… passing food quickly and uncomfortably lately and I cant get it to stop. Obviously this is not fun. What do I do??

A rumblin’ bout of uncomfortable movement could be related to either stress (emotional or just anxienty) or the presence of a foreign bacteria in the intestinal track. So for example if one were lactose intolerant they lack the enzyme lactase which cleaves the dairy sugars (glucose and galactose=lactose), so instead of entering the intestinal track as two mini sugars, it enters as one, which is ‘foreign’ to the track and as a result your tummy…rumbles. So the lining of the intestines begin to draw in lots of water in attempt to make that business hussle on through. I don’t know if your tummy is upset because of dairy but its possible. Other possible irritants are alcohol, coffee, or some food additives. There’s a diet called the BRAT diet which includes Bananas, Rice, Apples, and Toast. So, if the rumbles persists try doing that for a day or two in conjunction with running or some type of stress reliever. If you notice your tummy taming itself, go ahead and add some high protein, high fiber foods. In the mean time, rehydrate and replenish! Because your body is pulling so much water to push the foreign particles through the intestines, you need more than your usual intake. EVEN MORE if you’re consuming caffeine or alcohol, both of which could not only dehydrate you further but, as mentioned earlier, may be culprit in this mystery. Additionally, there may be a decrease in the absorption of water soluble nutrients. Because your body is being so super speedy about pushing things along, the villi and micro-villi (hair like follicles that line your track and grab nutrients as they pass by- I always think of that game hungry hungry hippo..) don’t have time to grab them. So try to supplement with a B-complex and a multi-vitamin until the coast is clear. Lastly, this bout of abnormal movement may decrease the amount of pro-biotics and good bacteria in your track. These are good because they can help synthesize some vitamins such vitamin K and also assist in the break down of some foods such as beans (gas fermenting- oops) Just replenish with some yogurt when all is said and done. If the dairy scares you, you can always buy lactose intolerant friendly yogurt or just buy the enzyme lactase which can be taken before you eat. If self regulating your diet and adding some exercise doesn’t work then you gotta call the doc since water and nutrient loss can get outta hand after too long.

Let me know how that works out.



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