Diet- It’s Not a Verb


To kick off my blog I’d like to first address what will most likely be discussed- Diet. No- don’t go ON a diet, rather maintain a balanced and healthy one!

Remember what it was like to be 6 years old and told NOT to do something? It made you want to do it even more right? Well that innate desire and craving for the things we cant have still lives in each and every one of us. It just lies dormant until the right time (or cupcake) comes up. Which is exactly why too much restriction is a terrible idea.

A restricted diet is often present in all of the ‘fad diets’ we see sweep the nation every 5 years or so, until the entire nation falls off the wagon weighing 10 lbs more than they did to begin with. So let me first warn you of the dangers of “YO-YO” dieting as it carries physical and psychological dangers! (Here’goes- All the things you don’t want to hear but must. Its tough love.)

About the psychological dangers: Beginning something only to fail or fall off the wagon feels TERRIBLE! Why do that to yourself? Anytime you begin a new ‘diet’ you are likely restricting yourself from certain foods or, worse, an entire food group. This is way too much pressure! The key is this: Don’t expect a quick fix. A diet should never cause you to lose a tremendous amount of weight in some incredibly short period of time. On a sound diet plan, you should never lose more than 2 lbs a week ,so if you see more than that promised, you should see a HUGE red flag. Take the following action: put the book down and back away from the table display at Barnes in Noble, passing the Starbucks muffin display on your way to the humor section. Go have a laugh instead. I recommend an Aaron Karo ruminations book- Hilarious. Don’t do this
whole ‘must lose 20 lbs by tomorrow’ nonsense. Make smarter choices that will have health benefits and, more importantly, one’s that wont cause you to fall into a pit of self loathing if you have a bite of ice cream. (Ps Ben and Jerry’s makes mini-minis now that are portion controlled for you at only 230 calories(ish)).
In addition to the psychological crashes, these crash diets actually harm the body as well. The amount of fat stored in the body increases with each loss and regain. Think you’re exempt and won’t put the weight back on after a crash diet? Think again. According to Marjorie R. Freedman, a weight loss researcher, 95% of people do (Freedman, M. R.; King, J.; and Kennedy, E. (2001). Popular Diets: A Scientific Review. Obesity Research 9 (Suppl. 1):1S-40S.). Even though you’re the strongest person you know, those are odds you don’t want to mess with. And shouldn’t have to. What people fail to see is that a crash diet fails them from the beginning. And once the diet fails you, it’s going to kick back in your fridge as you rummage through it at 2 am saying ‘it’s not you its me.’ And it is; its the ‘diet’, the restrictions, the limits, not you. It does, however, have to come down to care. You have to care enough about your health to make good choices. Having a relationship with food and/or being an emotional eater is not my specialty and far outside my reach although I can tell you that seeking a fad diet is not your answer- please call your therapist, your doctor your priest or your mother but even still- stay away from the latest diet trend. You have to care enough to WANT to make healthier choices. That being said…

Want more reasons to back away from the newest fad diet? Ill give you more!

It weakens your immune system!!! Women who maintain the same weight for five or more years have 40 percent greater natural-killer-cell activity as compared to those whose weight had remained stable for fewer than two years. (Dr. Thomas W Castonguay, science of weight loss studies, University of Maryland 2007)Additionally, each fad diet will eventually increase cravings for fat which has the highest concentration of calories at 9 calories per gram!
Moral of my tangent: Steer away from crash diets!!!!!! Losing more than 2 pounds per week is hazardous to your health and, eventually, it’ll break your spirit. Aim for a balanced diet that will shed pounds safely. A life-style change is the only guaranteed method! Peep this article by Freedman to see her fun chart with some fad diets, what they promise and the results.

Want more on the ever popular South Beach [fad] diet? See the next blog.

What’s to come:

Through out my postings will be little tid-bits of info that will [hopefully] be fun, educational, and useful.
So far on deck I have:

  • The south beach diet: not a walk on the beach
  • Red meat facts, fictions, friend, or foe
  • Drinking your energy
  • Trans-fat. A fool proof explanation
  • I’m a label whore: What all of the food labels are really saying.
  • Energy bars: great mini meal or bar them from your diet?

I urge every one of my readers to make sound diet decisions, and ask as many questions as you’d like; The more random the better. Just email them to me at


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